SKM defends letter to BJP in 2015, attacks former SKM MLAs

GANGTOK, 23 Nov:

Reacting to the news report of seven Sikkim Krantikari Morcha MLAs writing to BJP headquarters expressing their desire to join BJP back in 2015, SKM MLAs, Kunga Nima Lepcha and Sonam Lama today said that this is another tactic of the Sikkim Democratic Front to malign SKM.

It may be mentioned that SummitTimes had carried the news report with the headline ‘Letter reveals SKM MLAs were in talks with BJP headquarters’ on 22 Nov 2018.

Addressing a press meet today, Sonam Lama hinted at a former SKM MLA who is now with SDF of being the one who leaked the letter to the press. The party also has similar documentary evidence to battle such attempts at lowering the dignity and integrity of SKM, he warned.

Aru lai hilo chhepyo bhane ahfo lai pani lagcha hai,” he stated.

Those who leaked the letter have made clear who the defectors are, said Mr Lama further adding that those MLAs were quick to join SDF when BJP did not respond. This, he said, clearly shows that their intention was not to serve the people of Sikkim but themselves.

KN Lepcha said that the contents in the letter are self-explanatory, adding that they wrote the letter to Amit Shah because they wanted to address the issue of rampant corruption in the State.

SKM was ready to lend its full support including a merger with BJP, Mr Lepcha justified.

Whosoever made the letter public with amotive to defame the SKM MLAs has been unsuccessful and they themselves have been exposed, he further stated.

The two SKM MLAs also spoke about the Janta Mela to be held in Jan wherein he urged party workers to keep a close watch on the selection process of beneficiaries so that the deserving people get the benefits.