Approaching SC on immigrant tag issue just a ‘painkiller’: SRP

GANGTOK, 01 Dec:

Sikkim Republican Party [SRP] has said that the initiative of Hamro Sikkim Party [HSP] of approaching the Supreme Court to remove the ‘immigrant’ reference to Sikkimese Nepalese is like a ‘painkiller’ for the wounds the community has suffered so far. The party has argued that approaching the apex court does not get to the roots of this issue as the court had given the judgement on the basis of arguments and opinion placed by the respondents

Addressing a press conference here today, SRP president, KB Rai stated that if HSP is sincere and honest about this issue then RSP heartily welcomes the initiative. However, he questioned the timing of the move and why senior leaders of the State who are now in HSP have decided to bring this issue up after so long.

If HSP is really serious about the matter then it should go to the roots and SRP will readily provide support, said Mr Rai. He added that HSP should also support the case filed by Sikkim Gorkha Jagaran Sangh on the same in the State High Court.

“Supreme Court had given this judgement due to the fault of our leaders so our leaders need to correct this fault. Such judgement came out due to improper history and facts submitted on the Sikkimese Nepali community,” Mr Rai said.

He mentioned that it was important for the people to understand that the Supreme Court had given the judgement after hearing the arguments and counter affidavits presented by the State and Central governments.

Two counter affidavits were submitted by Sikkim Government on this case and on the basis of these affidavits the Central government had also submitted a counter affidavit which mentioned that Sikkimese Nepali community migrated from Nepal, said Mr Rai.

On the same, he explained that a proper study of Sikkim’s history shows that different sub-communities of the Nepali community of Sikkim have been living here for a long time.

Mr Rai also demanded amendments in Sikkim’s history in order to provide proper details of the Sikkimese Nepalese population. He informed that SRP is in the process of preparing a proper history of Sikkimese Nepalese and the party is always ready for any debate on this issue.

He also objected to the statement of Sikkim Democratic Front that it had already removed the immigrant tag attached to Sikkimese Nepalese. He urged the ruling party not to mislead the people on such an issue.