Water scarcity hits Kalimpong

Kalimpong, 05 Dec:

Once again drinking water scarcity has struck Kalimpong town. The distribution needs not met by the PHE department has troubled the locals the most. This has driven up the price of private water supply as well.

Due to the scarcity of water in the town, the concerned department has been distributing drinking water twice a week.

The distribution of water in Kalimpong is done by PHE and Water works which comes under GTA meanwhile Neura is handled by State Government.

The public health engineering (water works) department of the DGHC that distributes drinking water to the town has been forced to regulate the supply because of inadequate water supply from Neura said a PHE official.

Some Kalimpong residents draw water from the natural springs, while most buy water from the markets.

A 1,000 litre of water in Kalimpong costs anything between Rs 400 and Rs 500 depending on the distance from the source like small streams or jhoras.

In the absence of water supply for two days, most residents arranged for drinking water from the natural springs in the neighbourhood while others bought it from the market.

Neura few days ago clarified that only they are supplying water to the town at present which they are finding difficult to cope with.

PHE Water source at Relli and Thukchuk is not supplying water from last many years so the burden has fallen totally upon our shoulders, Neura officials had said.

People have also questioned why the supply of water is being done only twice a week nowadays as compared to every other day in October.