SDF condemns Golay’s allegations of SDF Govt causing unrest

Gangtok, 06 Dec:

Sikkim Democratic Front has strongly criticised and condemned the statement of SKM president PS Tamang [Golay] given in West Sikkim on Wednesday on there being unrest and anarchy in the SDF government.

The ruling party has countered that Mr Tamang, who believes more in violence than democratic processes, should not preach party discipline given that his own party has a track-record of unruly behavious.

And SDF press release issued by party general secretary, Chudamani Mishra, mentions that Mr Tamang had created an environment of terror and fright in his constituency while he represented Chakung for 15 years.

Later, the people of Upper Burtuk learned of his undisciplined ways when he represented them as MLA. The release states that the affected villages and constituencies know about these things in detail.

SDF has been working in the interest of democracy and always abided by the highest standards of discipline, the release adds.

The ruling party has highlighted that in its long years in office in Sikkim, it has never threatened anyone or been involved in any violence or extortion, signs, which SDF alleges, SKM is consistently displayed.