SNPP general meeting inSingtamcalls for fight against the system

Singtam, 07 Dec:

Addressing a general meeting here at Singtam Bazaar today, the Sikkim National People’s Party, Delay NamgyalKazi, alleged that the system was corrupt and compromised in Sikkim and called on the people to stand up against it.

"It's a fight against the system, not an individual,"MrKazireiterated, while informing that although he had been a part of the SDF movement during its inception in 1993, he was betrayed by the party down the line and hence decided to quit the party.

"It has been five consecutive terms of SDF government in Sikkim and they are still in distributing pressure cookersin the name of development. It cannot be allowed to continue shortchanging and fooling the people like this," he added.

He also voiced fears that unbridled influx remained unaddressed in Sikkim and could have serious impact in the future.

The government also came in for some stick when it came to service delivery.

"Like water, electricity and education are counted among the basic rights of the people but they have been deprived of quality and affordable delivery. Despite the high number of hydel projects in the State, people are billed commercial rates while pharma companies pay domestic rates and enjoy other relaxations. People must not forget that they are beingcharged an indirect tax," he said.

A cultural programme was also staged as part of the general meeting and party pamphlets and calendars distributed among the people.