SKM blames SDF Govt for bad roads and accidents

GANGTOK, 10 Dec:

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha has expressed its concern on the bad condition of roads in the State. The party stresses that it is embarrassing for the Sikkim Democratic Front government to claim sustainable and farsighted development after failing to even maintain roads in the State.

An SKM press release alleges that the bad condition of most roads in the State clearly shows that the ruling government has been working without any concern for the safety of people. Roads are an important infrastructure and 90% of the people have been facing problems due to poor maintenance of roads, the party has said.

Blaming bad roads for road accidents in the State, SKM has alleged that weaknesses in Research and Development and Quality Control Mechanism of the concerned department have been responsible for the same.

The party has further said that on the 25th anniversary of SDF, the CM had announced that all roads will be made by April this year but he has failed to do so. On the same, SKM has stressed that it is now time for the government to work instead of making such false announcements.

The party has further demanded that the government constitute a high-level committee to improve the condition of roads in the interest of the people of Sikkim.