Inability to instil sense of ownership among Sikkimese, SDF’s only weakness: CM

SDF GOVERNMENT COMPLETES 24 YEARS GANGTOK, 12 Dec: Chief Minister Pawan Chamling led ruling Sikkim Democratic Front completed 24 years in power today and the day was celebrated across the state at the grass root level with every ward hosting a celebration. On the occasion of Government Formation Day, the Chief Minister expressed his gratitude to the people who have reposed their faith in his party for five terms. He stated that his government has been able to deliver on almost all promises and any remaining promises will be fulfilled in another two months. While interacting with the media at the Chief Minister’s official residence earlier today, the Chief Minister said that his government has been able to win the hearts of the people and fulfil promises without any compromise. “It was not an easy task to remain in power and I never thought that I will rule the state for 24 long years and serve the people. During my government, there has been development and that's why people have been choosing me as the CM,” Mr Chamling said. The CM said that the only weakness of the party has been its inability to instil a sense of ownership amongst the Sikkimese. “We have not been able to make people understand and realize that in a true democracy, people are supreme, and that is SDF party’s huge weakness and that we accept,” he said. On the upcoming elections, the CM said that SDF will contest the 2019 election with the faces chosen by the people themselves and will support whosoever will be chosen by the people as a candidate. The SDF party will involve people in the selection process of the candidate and also take advice from them, he added. Rejecting possibilities of alliance with any other political party, Mr Chamling said, “This time there are many regional and national parties in the fray which is good for democracy and it's a healthy sign that we are moving towards a mature democracy.” He expressed hope that people will vote with their conscience and the party will accept the people’s mandate, whatever the outcome. Regarding the opposition’s allegations, Mr Chamling said, “There is a difference between sight and vision. Having a vision is more important. The statements of the opposition come from a place where there is no vision.” Sikkim Democratic Front Party [SDF] was formed on 04 March, 1994.