Father Rapes 13 Year Old Daughter for Two Years, Murders Her to Hide Crime

Kalimpong, Dec13: In a shocking incident, Jaldhaka Police have arrested 45-years-old Shukra Bahadur Pradhan from the remote Lower Godak village, on charges of murdering his own daughter. They were in for a shock, when the culprit confessed to also repeatedly raping his daughter for past two years. This grotesque episode of human depravity just doesn’t end there. After murdering her, Shukra had audaciously buried his daughter next to his house, hoping it would cover his crime.

According to sources, Shukra Bahadur Pradhan seems to be a very controlling person. He never allowed his daughter to mingle with anyone else. If she got delayed even by minutes while coming from somewhere, he would literally make her life hell, by brutally beating her up. The neighbours also informed the press that, he used to brutalize his wife too, because of which, she had left him around two years ago.

On the night of the 9th December, the little girl had been delayed; he went on to brutalize her, and later killed her. He then attempted to hide his crime by burying her right next to his house. Next day, on 10th December, he created a story and told his nephew that his daughter had committed suicide the night before so he buried her near the house.

It was the nephew who went to inquire and raised the alarm. This brought other people from the village there, and gradually the truth came out.

Jaldhaka Police OC Nilam Sanjeev Kujur conducted preliminary interrogation at the site of murder. Accused Shukra Bahadur later confessed his crime in front of the press; he said that his daughter had threatened to expose his repeated crime of raping her, so he killed her.

This incident has left everyone in the village numb, with his own family members now asking for a death sentence for him.

Police have recovered the dead body of the little girl, and was sent for autopsy. Accused Shukra Bahadur was presented at the Kalimpong District Court. He has been sent to seven days police remand. Cases have been filed against him under sections IPC 302, 201 and POCSO.