SDF rubbishes Dungmali’s allegations, says party is cleaner with his departure

Gangtok, 21 Dec:

Sikkim Democratic Front has strongly refuted and condemned as “meaningless allegations,” criticism of its founding member, Mohan Dungmali, who quit the party yesterday. SDF has instead countered that the departure of Mr Dungmali has left the party cleaner.

An SDF press release issued by its general secretary, Chudamani Mishra, highlights that not to speak a word on policy, principles and programmes of the SDF for 26 years and now to level a litany of allegations near election time shows Mr Dungmali’s desperation in pursuit of his vested interests and selfish dreams.

The release adds that he has never raised any issue from the party manifesto at any forum in the past.

The release goes on to assert that Mr Dungmali should also provide evidence of instances when the party has taken any action against him by calling anti-party or anti-national.

On the same, the release adds that he was never in the party with the intention to work for the people and contends that he was in SDF just for his personal benefit and gain.

The release asserts that SDF is not a party to fulfill the personal dreams of any individual and that SDF stands on the trust of the people and has been fulfilling the aspirations, hopes and needs of the Sikkimese people.

The release mentions that the ‘One Family, One Job’ scheme was a historic programme of the SDF party and its government which has the mandate of the people and should hence not wait be upset by election cycles from achieving its objectives.

The release adds that the SDF government will continue to work in the interest of the people until the Model Code of Conduct is implemented because that is what the people have voted it into office to do.

While criticising Mr Dungmali for his allegations on the ‘One Family One Job’ scheme, the release points out that the SDF government has provided 60,000 jobs to the people in its 24 years in government.

It is added that the SDF government has also provided jobs to thousands of youth in the private sector as well and provided opportunities to thousands more to become self-employed through the CM Self Employment Scheme, StartUp and other schemes.

The release has also criticised and condemned Mr Dungmali’s allegations on the Nepali seat, influx and tribal seat issues. It is informed that the seat reservation cannot be given on the basis of the community.

The release further points out that only the Centre has the power to provide tribal status to 11 Nepali communities and seat reservation for Limboos and Tamangs in the State Assembly.

The party stresses that much more work has been done in 24 years of SDF government and that the people have consistently evaluated and endorsed it.