Namchi, 21 Dec:

Sikkim Krantikari Morcha completed its 1st Yuva-Nari Convention with the party’s decadal celebration of Rolu Puja and Picnic here at Rolu with a strong gathering of supporters today. SKM party president PS Tamang [Golay] was present as chief guest accompanied by Sangha MLA Sonam Lama, party working president KN Lepcha and other senior and youth leaders.

Mr Tamang opened his address with the announcement that SKM has divine blessings which is why it has reached this level of popularity despite years of struggle and travails.

He thanked all supporters and party workers who stayed with the party through this struggle for change. Recalling the days of the first Rolu puja and picnic, he reminisced how those who attended that first event faced many troubles in the hands of the State Government.

The government’s attempts to use victimization and court cases to dissuade SKM supporters, Mr Tamang said, have come to naught because the party has not only held together but also grown in strength over the years.

“I salute all the supporters who struggled for parivartan. I myself am one of them. It was after the Rolu picnic that the Vigilance case was reopened against me and even my wife, who is a teacher, was included in a Vigilance case. Today, after these long years, we are here in such strength and have built a strong base for change,” he said.

He also alleged that the Sikkim Democratic Front and its president only have money power left to remain in office while the people’s power now rested with the SKM.

He contended that SKM was now functioning on the goodwill of the people and that events like today’s celebration were organized from individual contributions of supporters.

He also accused the State Government of copy-pasting SKM programmes and policies and that too only when elections have come calling.

He also punched holes in the recent schemes of the State Government and contended that these have not followed due process hence were not durable and long-term.

He also scoffed that SDF has literally become a one-man party with most of its founder-members having moved on and joined the SKM “revolution for change”.

He also lashed out against the absence of second rung of leaders in the SDF and remarked that the SDF president has failed to groom a leader to replace him in the 25 years that the party has been around. SKM, by contrast, has an army of capable leaders.

Later, while speaking to media-persons, Mr Tamang said that the party was not bothered about who its CM candidate will be.

On being asked about his electoral future due to his conviction and subsequent jail term in a cow distribution case, he said that the matter was in the domain of the Election Commission of India.

On the day, 461 SDF supporters joined SKM among whom are retired Additional Director Hemant Kumar Chettri from Burtuk constituency, Dr Shiva Kumar Sharma, Pema Chiltim and Devendra Subba.


  • Develop financial stability of local youth by supporting them to do contract works under which they will not need to submit TDRs and instead keep security deposit like land parcha or bank security to receive work order.

  • Equal pay for equal work will be extended to government workers and also private sector.

  • Non gazette employees will be appointed on non transferable jobs so that they work in their native areas.

  • GST will be removed using Article 371F of the Constitution and the State will develop its own revenue rules.