Governor hails initiative as ‘momentous’ and ‘auspicious’

Jorethang, 23 Dec [IPR]: Governor Ganga Prasad attended the International Hindu Buddhist Darshan Conference 2018 organised by Hindu Buddhist Organising Committee as chief guest at Jorethang playground today.

The conference is being organized with the objective to facilitate a cross pollination of ideas and foster harmony while also focussing on exploring shared values of dharmic traditions, which, the organizers hope, will provide a guiding light to the troubled world of today.

Accompanying the Governor as special guests were the area MLA, Health Minister AK Ghatani, Goshir Gyaltsab Rinpoche, Swami Ananda Brahmachariji Maharaj, Lama Sonam Gyurmi Khempola, Chaitanya Krishnaji Maharaj, Indresh Kumarji, Rohit Raj Maharaj, Guinness World Record Holder Arpan Sharma, NASA researcher Chaitanya Maharaj Ji.

Various other eminent religious leaders of Hindu and Buddhist philosophy from Nepal and Bhutan, Advisors, Chairpersons, officials, NJMC members, panchayats and NGO representatives were also present among a massive gathering of general public.

Addressing the gathering, the Governor expressed his “sincere contentment” on being a “fortunate participant” of the International Hindu Buddhist Darshan Sammelan.

Terming the occasion as both momentous and auspicious for all present, the Governor shared how Buddhism and Hinduism were the most ancient religions of the world which share strong similarities.

Drawing similarities between the two, he spoke about the belief of reincarnation, dharma and karma in both Hinduism and Buddhism.

He also spoke in brief about the pursuit of enlightenment and liberation in both the religions.

The Governor, in his address, also lauded the noble programmes initiated by the State Government which established positive initiatives which are pro-people in nature.

He also urged the people of Sikkim to lead a life that emphasises compassion and non-violence in one form or another.

Adopting non-violence in our thinking, planning and actions will bring about positive change at all levels of human existence by leaps and bounds.

He also credited peace and harmony as the two factors of survival and development of mankind.

In addition, he also spoke about the rich history and culture of the country and highlighted the concept of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ which conveys that the whole earth is just one family.

The area MLA also addressed the gathering and highlighted the state government’s endeavour to maintain the secular fabric of the Sikkimese society. He underlined the development of various religious establishments of very faith in every district of Sikkim under the leadership of Chief Minister Pawan Chamling and affirmed the concept of religious tolerance and faith reinforced by the State Government.

Other speakers at the event spoke at length about religious beliefs, the road to leading a healthy lifestyle.

Deliberations by noted speaker from and across Sikkim were given on intelligence, strength, courage, fitness, alertness, compassion and eloquence which all contribute to the holistic development of an individual.

The program also saw felicitations being accorded to all the spiritual gurus and scholars by the organising committee of International Hindu Buddhist Sangh.