Sikkim’s peace & security should not be put at risk: Sikkim

Gangtok, 28 Dec:

Chief Minister Pawan Chamling today underlined that he was in politics to nurture Sikkim to a better future and to ensure peace and security to the people of Sikkim.

Addressing a gathering of government servants at the 24th anniversary of the SDF Government formation here at Saramsa, he pointed out that another political party has been openly threatening government employees and branding them corrupt.

On the same, he asserted that if such a dispensation comes to power, they will start taking “percentage” from government employees.

The CM pointed out that while he has been office, government servants have not been extorted for “percentage” or “tax”.

“I have never asked any government employee to make false bills and I have never misused my office. But if power goes to vindictive and mischievous elements, they will misuse power and work against the interests of government officials,” he said.

Without taking any names, but in clear reference to the SKM party meeting of 14 December at Jorethang, he mentioned that a supporter of the party openly announced that they would form the government in 2019 at any cost, even violence.

On the same, he stated that such statements went against the people’s right to choose and was a reprehensible affront to democracy.

Mr Chamling added that such statements cannot be seen as being leveled against any particular individual or group but need to seen as a threat to all. Such statements were also not representative of an individual alone and should be ascribed to the party from whose platform the threats were issued.

“To threaten violence, even death in the pursuit of forming the government reveals the mindsets at play at such camps,” he said.

He highlighted that the governments were formed by people’s votes and only good government can protect the rights of the people and can sustain development, peace and security in the State.

“If a bad government comes, then it will destroy the State and would work against the interests of the people,” he said.

The CM also urged the gathering not to fall for communal and religious issues because such divisions would harm Sikkim in the long run.

“Change should be for the betterment of the State and not to destroy the State itself. We will form the government for a sixth consecutive time to make Sikkim the Best State of the World,” he said.

He stressed that peace and security were very important for Sikkim and should not be taken for granted.

“Despite being surrounded by international borders and disturbances in the north east and neighbouring hills, we always maintained peace and security in the State and kept it free from any insurgency and unrest in these 24 years but now elements of political terrorism are surfacing and everyone needs to take this very seriously,” he said.

He urged every individual to come forward to protect the State.