Tis’ the season for Oranges

Gangtok, 07 Jan:

Finally, after a yearlong wait, oranges are available in every nook and corner of markets here in Gangtok. Currently oranges are in higher demand as compared to other fruits and most of Lal Bazaar is covered with oranges.

Oranges available in Gangtok are mostly from Pendam, Sang Martam and Khamdong, 32 No, East Sikkim.

Compared to previous seasons, this year the rate of oranges is high due to low production. Prices range from Rs 250 to Rs 60 per dozen. The pricing is done according to the size of oranges. Last year, the highest price was Rs 150 per dozen.

Production is low this time because the orchards are aging and not producing as much fruit, it is learnt.

"I sell seasonal fruits and vegetables. Right now it's orange season, so I am selling oranges. They are selling for Rs 200 to Rs 250 due to low production this year. Still it is selling and consumers are happy with the quality so prices do not really seem to be affecting the demand,” says Geeta Chettri, a resident of Tibet road.

She usually gets local customers as visitors from other states find the oranges costlier.

Geeta adds that once the current supply ends later this month, oranges from North Sikkim will start coming in.

“I am happy with my business as I can earn a bit of profit and fulfill my family’s daily needs”, adds Geeta.