Bridge on Rongyoung ready for vehicular traffic

Dzongu, 08 Jan:

The bridge at 4th Mile, Mantam, in Upper Dzongu, across the landslide debris dammed Rongyoung Chu is now ready to take vehicular movement.

The bridge, constructed on the left bank of the river, was submerged by the swollen river during last year's monsoon, snapping the movement of the vehicles and making supply of essential commodities and travel difficult for the affected people of the cut-off GPUs of Sakyong/ Pentong and Tingvong.

The Sub Divisional Office, Dzongu, has also called on all drivers to ply their vehicles cautiously on the bridge for safety reasons.

The people have extended gratitude to the Roads & Bridges Department, North, for their service and restoring vehicular access to villages on the far side of the dammed river.