Social Media messages announcing elections dates fake: Chief Electoral Officer

Gangtok, 21 Jan: A pervasive rumour about dates for general and assembly elections 2019 has begun circulating on social media platforms across the country and is being shared widely in Sikkim as well. While these messages are obviously unsubstantiated and potentially mischievous, they appear to have gained embarrassing traction, and today the State Election Commission also refuted these rumours and called on people not to give them any credence. “All the dates and rumors regarding the upcoming assembly election are false and and are not reliable information,” said R. Telang, the Chief Electoral Officer, Sikkim. The Election Commission of India has not issued any official announcement on dates and has not released the calendar regarding the same, he added. The ECI is the only authority which can decide dates for parliamentary and assembly elections. Speaking to SummitTimes, Mr. Telang urged people not to believe such false information and not circulate them further. He suggested that people contact the concerned office for any kind of information related to elections in the State. “Don’t believe any dates until an official statement is released by the Election Commission of India,” he stressed. The rumour, he said, was an example of false information that can surface before elections. He further informed that ECI may announce the election dates by the end of February or March first week.