67,000 new voters in Sikkim for Election 2019

Gangtok, 31 Jan:

There are around 67,609 new voters entitled to participate in Elections 2019. While there were 3,70,770 electors in Sikkim in 2014, the number of registered voters here as of 31 Jan 2019 is 4,23,325. The 67,000-plus number arrives after one factors in the fact that 15,054 electors have passed away between 2014 and 2019.

On a rough estimate, the number of new female voters is marginally higher this time at 27,350 compared to 25,205 new male voters. Interestingly, there are two voters who have recorded themselves as belonging to the third gender.

It may be mentioned that between 2009 and 2014, there was an increase in voter numbers by a little over 70,000.

The final publication of the Electoral Roll with reference to 1 Feb 2019 as qualifying date was released today by Chief Electoral Officer, Sikkim, R Telang in a press conference organised by the office of the CEO, Sikkim, at the conference hall of District Administration Centre, East.

Addressing the press conference, R Telang said that the hard copies of the Electoral Roll would be available in a few days and a copy each would be provided free of cost to all recognized political parties, while registered political parties and members of the public can obtain it from office of CEO or District Election Officer on payment of a nominal amount fixed by the Commission.

The CEO further said that there could still be some additions and some deletions in the list till seven days prior to the filing of nominations. He shared that the total electors/voters as on date is 4,23,325 which includes 2,16,222 male voters and 2,07,103 female voters.

He informed that as on date, two persons are from the third gender and 2000 voters have identified themselves as PWD or Persons with Disabilities. He added that since the population profile of Sikkim is young, maximum voters fall within the age group of 18 to 45 years.

The CEO informed that a total of 16,012 voters have been added in the Summary Revision during the months of September and October 2018.

R Telang further informed that there will be 567 numbers of polling stations for the upcoming general elections, which includes 51 Sangha polling stations.

A soft copy each of the final Electoral Roll was handed over to representatives of recognised political parties by the CEO. A soft copy of the Electoral Roll was also handed over to Director, Printing & Stationeries Department for immediate publication.

The CEO said that it is also the voters’ responsibility to check their names in the voters list. He informed that voters can check their names through three modes:

1. Visit the website www.nvsp.in

2. Download Voter Helpline App on smart phones

3. Call Toll Free Number 1950. The number will be operational from 1 Feb 2019 and will be available between 9am to 6pm on all working days