BJP-HSP alliance almost through

Gangtok, 31 Jan:

Hamro Sikkim Party and Bharatiya Janata Party held the second round of pre-poll alliance discussions today. A BJP press release informs that the HSP “has almost agreed with Sikkim BJP to work coordinately.”

When contacted over the phone, Nitin Nabin, BJP in-charge of Sikkim, said that talks with HSP were held in a cordial atmosphere and some common issues were discussed at length. BJP and HSP have agreed to fight the upcoming assembly elections on common issues and that the final decision will arrive after discussions with the party high command, he added.

“They [HSP] have common minimum program with BJP Sikkim chapter which they will manifest soon but they have few points to clear out before,” the BJP press release informs.

The HSP spokesperson, Biraj Adhikari, informed that HSP has put forth five issues as pre-requisites for an alliance. These are: Removal of SDF from NDA; Article 371-F to be protected; LT seat reservation in the legislative assembly; Removal of immigration tag from Sikkimese Nepalese; Reservation of Sikkimese-Nepali seats in the Assembly; Scheduled Tribe status for the 11 left-out communities; and corruption-free Sikkim.

He adds that while there is consensus and agreement on almost all points, the BJP has to still clear its relationship with the SDF before an alliance can be finalized.

Mr Adhikari said that the BJP State In-charge assured to get back to HSP on the issues within four to five days.

Stating that the meeting was fruitful in terms of discussions, Mr Adhikari said that once BJP makes its stand clear, all other issues will resolve, adding that the Chamling government has been surviving on the Centre's blessings for the last two terms.

On earlier announced meeting with SKM scheduled for today, he said that the SKM party president was not available today due to his engagements outside the state. The meeting to explore an alliance with SKM will be held anytime after 04 February, he said.