HSP vice-prez RN Shakya quits party

February 6, 2019

Gangtok, 05 Feb:

Rudra Narsingh Shakya has resigned from the post of vice-president and from the primary membership of Hamro Sikkim Party. He submitted his resignation letter to the party president of HSP on Tuesday, he informs through a press release. 

In his resignation letter, Mr Shakya mentions that Hamro Sikkim Party was formed 11 months back to take local issues of the State to their logical end after political parties of Sikkim have failed to address these in the last 43 years.

“After serving Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee for 28 years, I resigned from the post of vice president of SPCC and have been working on different capacities in HSP so far being a founding member of the party,” the letter states.

He mentions that he worked tirelessly for the party in the belief that HSP would eradicate corruption from Sikkim and fulfil all political demands of the State.

“However, I have realised that HSP has not been running on the principle of collective decision-making but on the directions of an individual,” he adds and also expresses dissatisfaction with the recent selection of the president of the party.

He contends that a majority of party leaders were ignored during the selection process which was held in the pre-planned manner.

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