Now trained unemployed teachers demand ad-hoc appointments

GANGTOK, 08 Feb:

Trained unemployed teachers of the State have requested the Human Resource Development Department to appoint them on ad-hoc basis in different schools of the State on or by 12 Feb. A section of trained teachers from different parts of the State have argued that they have already completed their B Ed and DIET courses, cleared STET and fulfil all National Council for Teacher Education [NCTE] norms but remain unemployed.

Addressing a press conference today, PremilaTamang said, “We are not against the government and ad-hoc teachers association or even against the decision of the department to give continuation to untrained teachers as it was their right but our only demand is to appoint us at least on ad-hoc basis by 12 Feb.”

She mentioned that they had also submitted an application to the HRDD on 23 June 2018 requesting for appointment as PGTs and GTs. They had also requested the departmentto stop appointing untrained teachers but the department continued to do so.

“We got admission in B Ed College after facing tough competition against thousands of aspirants and if we do not get appointment after putting in hard work and qualifying for these posts then it would be injustice to us. Our certificates will be of no value,” Ms Tamang said.

She added that there are around 100 trained teachers who can be appointed in the 778 secondary and senior secondary schools in the State. If the department does not appoint them immediately then they will have to wait for more than a year due to code of conduct and electoral process in the State, she said.

Another unemployed teacher, Manoj Gautam stated that if the HRDD follows NCTE norms then it should be implemented properly and completely.

“If we are appointed on ad-hoc basis now then we will at least accumulate experience which could later be taken into consideration by the department. We are not against ad-hoc untrained teachers but we are just asking for our rights,” he said.

He also clarified that their demand is not timed with the approaching elections but they have been pursuing this issue since last year. He added that last year, the Additional Chief Secretary HRDD had assured them that they will be appointed from this new academic session but that has not happened.

Mr Gautam stated that if the department argues that there is no vacancy then the recent One Family One Job scheme of the government proves that vacancies can be created.

“At present we are just around 100 trained aspirants and if the department does not appoint us right now then this number will only grow as more students pass out of B Ed and DIET institutes in the State,” he said. He also stated that they will take the matter up legally if they are not appointed by 12 Feb.