SDF advises Golay to read-up before serving ultimatums “Bandh threat by a convicted person is a dang

Gangtok, 08 Feb:

Sikkim Democratic Front party spokesperson, Bhim Dahal, today advised Sikkim Krantikari Morcha president, PS Tamang [Golay], to understand subjects included under the Union, State and Concurrent Lists before placing any demands so that he at least tables those demands with the right authorities.

He further stressed that SKM should first present its alternate formula and stand on Limboo-Tamang seat reservation format, tribal status for eleven left-out communities and other issues that he has been speaking about before serving ultimatums to the State government on these issues.

He was responding to the ultimatum given by the SKM president to the State government to fulfill 30 demands enumerated by him by 25 February, failing which SKM has threatened to call a state-wide bandh from 26 February onwards.

Addressing a press conference today, Mr Dahal scoffed at what he saw as ill-informed rants of the SKM president which displayed a clear lack of understanding about subjects covered under the union, state and concurrent lists. He also alleged that SKM and SIBLAC were the biggest obstacles delaying seat reservation for the Limboo and Tamang communities.

He mentioned that the SDF government has placed a clear 40-seat formula with the Centre with provision for five reserved seats for Limboos and Tamangs in the State Assembly on the basis of the Burman Commission report.

On the same, Mr Dahal questioned whether SKM has a formula on how LT seats should be apportioned if the State Govt’s solution was not acceptable to it.

He added that seat reservation in the State Legislative Assembly being a central issue, the SDF government has been consistently pursuing the matter with the Centre and that the issue had almost reached its logical end when it arrived in the Union Cabinet before placing in the Parliament.

At around the same time, SKM MLAs backed by SIBLAC asked the Union Home Minister to give LT seats from the existing 32 seats instead and that complicated the matter and delayed things, Mr Dahal contends.

He went on to infer that this meddling proves that SKM and SIBLAC were anti-Nepali because carving fresh reservations into the existing 32 seats would be an injustice to the majority population of Sikkim.

He highlighted that SDF has always been transparent on the issue and because it was genuinely concerned about the LT rights, has already announced plans to field five candidates from among the Limboos and Tamangs if seats are not reserved before the 2019 elections.

Mr Dahal alleged that SKM on the other hand does not have a clear stand or formula even on the tribal status for the eleven left-out communities of Sikkim demand and other issues placed by it.

Commenting on other demands placed by the SKM president, Mr Dahal stressed on the need of knowledge and positive thinking to understand the speech, personality and leadership of the Chief Minister.

He pointed out that demands for regularisation, pay commission and others have already been implemented. He added that SKM has been issuing irresponsible statements due to its own negative politics.

SDF spokesperson, KT Gyaltsen, in turn mentioned that SKM has placed these 30 demands to the government because it does not have any political vision, ideology or programme of its own.

He added that Sikkim was a sensitive border State and values peace, tranquility and harmony. He added that the threats of a bandh call by a convicted person was very dangerous for the State. He stressed that in case of any loss to the State and its people, SKM should be held fully responsible.

Mr Gyaltsen stated that the Courts should take serious note of a call for such an unwarranted bandh in the State.

Regarding the question of whether Mr Tamang can contest the upcoming election or not, he stated that SDF was not interested in the candidature stats of Mr Tamang per se and was only concerned that the people should not be misguided or misled by SKM propaganda on the issue.

He said that the argument and interpretation placed by SKM advocates was their understanding, and added that the clause cited by them would not apply in the case of disqualification of Mr Tamang from contesting elections for another six years.