Feudal forces have compromised SDF and other parties: SRP

Gangtok, 11 Feb:

Sikkim Republican Party today contended that the SDF Government cannot provide justice to the majority communities of Sikkim due to the influence of the feudal powers within the party. SRP has further alleged that even other regional political parties were similarly influenced and compromised.

Addressing a press conference here today, SRP president KB Rai stated that only SRP can provide justice to the majority community of Sikkim as it was free from any feudal influence and abides by democratic policies and principles.

He added that SRP can only clear all feudal residues from the system.

Mr Rai alleged that the State government has been playing blame-game after having failed to reserve seats for Limboos and Tamangs and that such an environment would only create hatred and misunderstanding in the society.

On the same, the SRP president stated that the State government can pass a resolution on Limboo-Tamang seats and tribal status for 11 left-out communities to send to the Centre.

He further questioned how the Opposition, which does not have the right or numbers to pass a resolution in the Assembly can obstruct the LT issue.

Mr Rai alleged that the SDF was not passing a resolution in the assembly due to the influence of the feudal powers.