Alembic workers need to struggle till all demands are fully met: HSP

Gangtok, 14 Feb:

Hamro Sikkim Party (HSP) has congratulated the protesting workers of Alembic Pharma on their victory in compelling the State Government to wake up and take action towards securing the lawful, just and fair demands of the workers.

HSP has called upon the workers not to give up the struggle till all demands are fully met in a time bound manner.

The party has also called upon all industrial workers of Sikkim to come together to secure their rights and join and support each other in solidarity.

The HSP president, Dr Bina Basnett, it may be recalled, had joined the dharna by Alembic Pharma workers on 13 Feb, 2019 and extended her party’s full support.

“The Govt. being pressurised by the resolute struggle of the workers, the determined support of HSP and adverse media reports, had summoned the company officials and convened a meeting with the workers. In such meeting, all repressive steps were promised to be withdrawn and the financial and job security issues were put under time-bound active resolution mode,” an HSP press release states.

“HSP sincerely hopes that the Govt. will act expeditiously and in the interest of the workers and industry, failing which struggle shall be intensified till people get justice,” the release concludes.