CM urges students to aim to be the best in the world Addressing SAATHI annual meet, CM assures that

Gangtok, 17 Feb:

Chief Minister Pawan Chamling urged students to develop a growth mindset and aim to become the best students of the world. He further encouraged them to explore their full capacity and potential by pursuing their respective areas of interest.

He was speaking as the chief guest of the valedictory function of the three-day Annual Meet of Sikkim Against Addiction Towards Healthy India [SAATHI] at Saramsa in East Sikkim today.

He said that SAATHI was working tirelessly to eradicate drug use in schools and has been able to help many students battled this problem. He thanked the initiative taken up by SAATHI in order to restore the positive mindset among students. He expressed that until and unless we found a cure for this problem, the upcoming generation will find it difficult to adjust in society.

Addressing huge gathering of students from across the State, the CM stressed the need of citizens to develop a sense of ownership and responsibility to make Sikkim the Best State of the world in all sectors. He added that everyone needs to contribute towards making this possible and towards the nation-building exercise.

He encouraged students to change the mindset that makes them pursue only government jobs.

He highlighted that government jobs have limited scope and since the young have a multitude of interests and passions, not all of them can evolve to their full capacity and potential in government jobs.

He encouraged students to choose careers in line with their interests and passions to be truly successful and happy in life.

He shared his confidence that Sikkimese students have the potential and capacity to be the best scientists, researchers, artists and successful personalities in a myriad of different areas, hence limiting their ambition to a government job would stymie their potential.

He encouraged students to be competitive, positive and consistent in their hard work.

He stressed that the State government has provided all facilities and opportunities to students to get the best and complete education.

He applauded the SAATHI initiative and what it has achieved among students.

While mentioning the various scholarships and programmes of the State government, the CM urged students to increase their capacity by taking full advantage of opportunities created by the government for students.

He added that the government has been working to ensure no one is left behind in the State. On the same, he stated that the government has provided the equal protection, reservation and scholarship to everyone in the state so students need to work hard and build their capacities to take full advantage of these opportunities.

The CM mentioned that this was a competitive and fast-changing world and students need to rise to the challenge.

Speaking on the role of teachers in a student’s life, the CM stated that teachers have an important role to prepare capable human resource from the State as per the needs of the time. He stressed upon the need of highly skilled, life-oriented and job-oriented education for students.

The CM contended that teachers and students in Sikkim were having the best time at present, but if the reins of the State fall in the wrong hands, then the State would have Gunda Raj and government employees would have to pay ‘Gunda Tax’.

He stressed that unrest in the State would create problems for everyone which was why change should be constructive and not for destruction.

“I have never misused the power given by the people of Sikkim but has always used it to serve them and fulfill their every hope and aspiration,” he added. He said leaders should able to provide solutions instead of just criticising and instigating the people.

While mentioning that the State government has decriminalised the use of contraband substances, he mentioned that the government recognizes that drug addiction was a disease and could be treated.

He added that the government has made policies to make Sikkim a substance abuse free state. On the same, he also urged parents to give adequate love and care and time to their children and remain in constant touch.

He further urged teachers to take the full responsibly of students to guide them better.

Mr Chamling mentioned that the State government has been taking everyone together. On the same, he announced that next SDF government would make more programmes to bring the LGBTQ&I community into the mainstream.

He further that sex education would be introduced in schools in the next government.