Bill introduced to protect Limboo land from alienation

February 19, 2019


CM tables Rs. 3,56,629.60 lakh Vote on Account

Gangtok, 18 Feb (IPR): The two-day Seventh Session (Part-VI) of the Ninth Assembly of Sikkim Legislative Assembly began today wherein two Bills were introduced in the House.

Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, also the Minister in Charge of Land Revenue and Disaster Management Department introduced the Sikkim Regulation of Transfer of Land (Amendment) Bill, Bill No. 2 of 2019.

The Bill aims to ensure protection against alienation of the land holding of the Limboo community.

Following persistent demand of the Limboo community for protection against alienation of Land belonging to persons from the Limboo community and with a view to ensure such protection of the interest of Land of the said community, Sections 3(A) and 3(B) have been proposed for insertion in the Act.

Likewise, Tulshi Devi Rai, Minister in Charge of Social Justice, Empowerment & Welfare Department introduced the Sikkim Prohibition of Beggary (Amendment) Bill, Bill No. 3 of 2019.

The Bill seeks to amend section 25 of the Sikkim Prohibition of Beggary Act, 2004 which cast stigma on the persons suffering from leprosy and also create a disability for them as per the direction given by the Hon'ble Supreme Court in its order dated 24/04/2018 in Writ Petition (Civil) No. 1151/2017 in the matter of Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy versus Union of India.

Discussion and voting on both the Bills would be taken up on the second day of the session on 20 February, 2019.

During the Financial Business, Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, also the Minister in Charge of Finance Revenue and Expenditure Department, presented the Vote of Account for the State of Sikkim for six months starting April to September 2019 to the tune of Rs. 3,56,629.60 lakh comprising of Rs. 2,71,388.39 lakh on Revenue Account and Rs. 85,241.21 lakh on Capital Account.

The discussion and voting on the Vote on Account would take place on 20 Feb, 2019.

Chief Minister Pawan Chamling condemned the cowardly act of terrorists to bring down 43 Indian Army Jawans in Pulwama District of Jammu & Kashmir on 14th February, 2019. He said that the heinous act is not only an attack on the CRPF jawans, but on the entire humanity. He urged the entire country to condemn this act.

The Chief Minister expressed heartfelt condolences to the family members of the martyred jawans and reiterated that the Government of Sikkim will present an exgratia amount of Rupees three lakh to each of the families of the martyrs.

He also reiterated that the Government of Sikkim will wholeheartedly support any policy decision taken by the Central Government in response to the terrorist attack. He further said that if the Government of India permits, the Government of Sikkim would sponsor the education of the children of the 43 martyrs.

Minister in charge of Human Resource Development Department, R.B Subba also participated in the Obituary References.

The House observed two minutes silence as mark of respect for the departed souls.

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