Tamang community consulted before Bill placed in Assembly: CM

“Opposition and irresponsible elements instigating adhoc teachers”

Gangtok, 20 Feb:

Chief Minister, PawanChamling today said that people with vested interests are trying to instigate people on the Sikkim Regulation of Transfer of Land (Amendment) Bill. The bill does not have provision for lands of Tamang community because members of the community requested the government not to do so, he clarifiedwhile speaking during the Assembly session.

The CM said that the government consulted members and associations of Limboo and Tamang communities before placing the Sikkim Regulation of Transfer of Land (Amendment) Bill in the Assembly. The Tamang community said that they were happy with the present practice, he added.

Mr Chamling further stated that if the Tamang communitywants land protection in the future then the government will make provisions for them as well.

On the issue of regularisation of adhoc teachers, the CM stated that the opposition and irresponsible elements are instigating teachers to disrupt the education of children. As educated youth, teachers should know about the subjects that come under the Union, State and Concurrent lists, he said further adding that education is in the concurrent list and the State has to follow the rules made by the Centre.

Even if the government wants, it cannot regularise those teachers who do not fulfil the required criteria, he said.

The CM further stated that the government has decided to regularize those who fulfil criteria in two years’ time even though it is against the interests of those candidates who already fulfil all criteria.

He also urged teachers not to listen to irresponsible politicians.

“I have suffered a lot in building Sikkim in these past 25 years. So I only desire that Sikkim does not go into the wrong hands and the peace, security and development of Sikkim remains undisturbed,” he said.

He added that if the State goes into the wrong hands then there will be no money even to give salaries to employees and to run ongoing projects.

On the issue of Nepali seat restoration, the CM stated that seats cannot be allotted in the name of a community but can be reserved for SCs and STs. On the same, he informed that the SDF government formed the Burman Commission to make all communities tribal but SKM MLAs boycotted when the Burman report was placed in the Assembly.

“SKM rejected the first step towards reserving seats for Nepali community by making them tribal. This is the double standard of the opposition party,” he said.

He also said that state government employees have always been given first priority in the annual budget every year. He recollected that there has never been an instance where tensions have erupted due to non-payment of salaries to employees and also added that potential situations were also immediately addressed to avoid any inconveniences to the employees and advocated that all officers should also work towards smoothening out administrative creases for the welfare of all.

While addressing the various claims and false allegations about the flagship schemes of the state government such as the One Family One Job Scheme being complete hogwash, he asserted that the scheme has been framed and implemented keeping all the nitty-gritties in mind.

He mentioned that an amount of Rs 365 crore has been allocated in this Vote on Account to give subsequent salaries to employees under OFOJ scheme.

He said that people, especially the youth should come forward and have faith in the state government and stay away from rumours and speculations and believe in the reality of almost 20,000 unemployed Sikkimese getting employment that is out for all to see.

The Leader of the House and Chief Minister, expressed gratitude to the people of Sikkim for giving his government continued mandate for the fifth consecutive term. He reminisced his initial years as a young leader of the Sikkim Legislative Assembly and how he had spent close to 35 years for the welfare of Sikkim and its people.