RB Subba & KN Upreti quit HSP, blame Bhaichung’s “anti-democratic outlook”

Gangtok, 25 Feb:

Hamro Sikkim Party [HSP] founding working president, Ran Bahadur Subba along with party advisor, KN Upreti announced their resignation from the party today in a press meet held in the capital. Also resigning from HSP are vice president, Tara Shrestha, advisor, Hem Lall Basnet, publicity secretary, Mani Kumar Subba, publicity secretary, Gopal Pathak and MB Rai.

The resignations come only days after rumors began of Mr Subba and Mr Upreti joining Sikkim Democratic Front on 27 Feb.

Announcing their resignation today, Mr Subba and Mr Upreti alleged that there is no inner party democracy in HSP and the party has completely turned into a private party of working president, Bhaichung Bhutia and his group.

“On account of Bhaichung Bhutia’s anti-democratic outlook within the party, we are bound to resign from the HSP,” they said.

They have also accused Bhaichung of holding talks with other political parties for his personal interestsand without consulting the executive committee.

One major reason for the resignation was the appointment of vice president, Dr Bina Basnet as the HSP president on 23 Jan 2019.

Mr Subba alleged that Mr Bhutia overlooked the fact that Mr Upreti was the popular choice of the party workers for the post of president. 80% of support was with Mr Upreti as he is a four-time MLA and had been the Education Minister in past. He had the leadership quality and political experience to run the party but we were compelled to make Dr Bina Basnet as the HSP president, he said.

Mr Subba further said that he had submitted a proposal for Limboo-Tamang Assembly seat reservation to the party wherein he had proposed increasing the Assembly strength to 38 seats, 40 seats or 41 seats. It was not accepted by HSP despite knowing that giving LT seat reservation from 32 seats would not be fair to other Nepali communities of Sikkim.

Asked whether they will be joining SDF now, the two leaders did not give a clear reply. “We could go,” is all they said.

Meanwhile, HSP has said that it has accepted the resignation of Mr Subba, Mr Upreti and others. The party has also placed on record its appreciation for their contribution to the growth of the party.

“We understand they are under compulsion and we are also aware of their situation and circumstances, and believe that whatever they stated in today’s press conference, are not their words but the words of Mr Chamling’s suitcase, which perhaps they could not resist,” said HSP spokesperson, Biraj Adhikari.

He also stated that HSP is aware of the polluted politics run by money and muscle power and has been expressedly formed to change this kind of ideology-less politics and bring in new politics of conviction and selfless public service.

“We are also thankful to the people of Sikkim for their spontaneous support of Hamro Sikkim’s brand of clean politics to create a new and better Sikkim,” he added.