SDF condemns SKM’s Maoist allegations

February 27, 2019

Gangok, 26 Feb:

Sikkim Democratic Front spokesperson, Bhim Dahal, today asserted that the nature of acts and tone of language being displayed by Sikkim Krantikari Morcha has again proven its tendency for violence. He commented that while initially, SKM had tried to project itself as a “Gandhi-wadi” party, now its true colours were being exposed to the people.

Addressing a press conference here today, Mr Dahal strongly condemned the recent allegations of SKM spokesperson Jacob Khaling that SDF was bringing in Maoists from Nepal to instigate violence.

He asserted that it was very important for Mr Khaling to first understand who Maoists were before issuing any blanket statements. He pointed out that Maoist have been “democratised” in Nepal and have been recognised by the world and have been elected to governments in different countries. He added that China, led by a Maoist government, has become a world power.

On the same, Mr Dahal mentioned that throwaway statements like were being made by the SKM proved the intellectual paucity of the SKM.

While speaking on India-Nepal Treaty, he stated that as per the treaty, people from the two nations were free to visit, meet their relatives and work in each other’s countries. The SKM spokesperson has revealed his own foolishness with such a statement.  

“SDF party strongly condemns and criticises the act of SKM party of politicising a social issue with such low level targeting of individuals,” he said.

While stating that the people of different sections of the State have been witnessing the works and achievements of the SDF government, he stressed that SDF has never brought any outside elements to engage in local politics.

He also strongly condemned the act of an SKM worker, Binod Basnet and others of Soreng-Chakung constituency whom he has accused of blocking the area MLA, Minister Ram Bahadur Subba, on Soreng-Malbasey road on Monday.

He added that later the police rescued the Minister from the spot.

He also alleged that SKM was involved in the torching of three vehicles in West Sikkim last night. He added that SKM has been trying to create unrest and violence in the State. He demanded that the administration take stringent legal action against the people involved in such antisocial acts.

Mr Dahal mentioned that some Heavenly Path Organisation supporters have also been accusing the State government and some supporters of the ruling party for the restriction imposed on the movement of their spiritual leader, God Angel, in the State.

On the same, he mentioned that the ruling party does not have any role in this. He informed that SIBLAC had filed a case in the Supreme Court against God Angel for offering prayers at Khecheopalri Lake and following the case the apex court had put restrictions on him visiting Sikkim.

He mentioned that SDF party and its government has always shown full respect to all religious leaders. He informed that even God Angel has blessed the CM and his family in three occasions.

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