Opposition camp chooses SDF in the thousands

Former Ministers and leaders among 4,700 Opposition party workers opting for SDF

Jorethang, 27 Feb:

Chief Minister PawanChamling today welcomed many senior leaders from different political parties into Sikkim Democratic Front during a public meeting held for South and West districts at Jorethang public ground, South Sikkim.

Among those who joined SDF today are RB Subba [former working president, Hamro Sikkim Party], KN Upreti [advisor, Hamro Sikkim Party], Tara Shrestha [Hamro Sikkim Party], KN Topgay [former Mayor], MK Subba,Birba lSubbaand their supporters. A total of 4,700 members of different political parties joined SDF today.

Addressing the gathering, the CM said, “They have joined our party without any condition and we have taken them into the party without any condition. RB Subba is an old leader of our party. He was a cabinet minister for three terms and MLA for one term in our government. I had also appointed him as the acting Chief Minister when I had gone on a foreign tour. We rested him in the 2014 elections. We did not know how he got misdirected. However, he has returned after realizing that SDF is the best party for the people of Sikkim. We welcome him forgetting the past. Past is past. I do not hold any grudges against any person.”

Stating that voting can take place any day after 15 April,the SDF president called upon party workers to work hard for these two months and reach out to people in every house.

Speaking on the ongoingdharna by the Heavenly Path Organization [HPO] demanding that their spiritual leader be allowed to enter Sikkim, Mr Chamling said that SDF is being accused of blocking the entry of HPO’s spiritual leader, Master God Angel, to Sikkim. This is being done to misguide the people, he said.

“I must tell the public that God Angel has come to my residence three times so far and at every occasion, he has blessed me. I have also supported the establishment of HPO centres in Sikkim,” said Mr Chamling.

He stated that the spiritual leader cannot come to Sikkim because of a case filed by SIBLAC in the Supreme Court against the leader for defiling the sacred Khechoepalri Lake.

“He cannot come to Sikkim as per the order of the Supreme Court. SDF government is not responsible for God Angel not coming to Sikkim. We don’t have any objection,” said Mr Chamling.

On the Limboo-TamangAssembly seat reservation issue, Mr Chamling blamed the opposition for creating hurdles.

“The Limboo-Tamang seats were coming to fruition but the opposition parties have blocked the way. They filed a case in the Supreme Court and the court has sent a notice to the Sikkim government and Election Commission of India. Now the matter is not in the hands of the Centre also as it has become a judicial matter,” he said.

Alleging of a huge conspiracy behind filing of the case in the court, Mr Chamling said that the seats are given by the Parliament under Article 332 and despite knowing this,a case was filed in the Supreme Court.

He further said that there could be a conspiracy to do away with the ST status given to the Limboo-Tamang communities.

“I want to alert the people regarding such eventuality in future. They are constantly writing to the Centre and complaining that SikkimeseNepalis are from Nepal. The opposition parties are hatching a sinister conspiracy and they only level allegations against the SDF government. The case was filed by leaders of the SKM party and it means that SKM has blocked the Limboo-Tamang seats,” said Mr Chamling.

Stating that the SDF government has a formula for seat reservation which has been accepted by the Centre, he said other political parties in Sikkim do not have any formula.

“Do they want to give Limboo-Tamang seats from the existing 32 seats? If yes, from where will they give seats to the 60% non-tribal Nepali populace of Sikkim? The BJP, Congress, HSP, SKM and SRMP must answer this. They should declare their formula before the elections,” said the SDF president.