Opp wants to divide, we want youth to power new phase of development: Chamling

March 5, 2019



Namchi, 04 Mar:

SDF president, Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, while addressing the 27th foundation day of Sikkim Democratic Front, here at Namchi Public Ground for Namchi-Singithang constituency, stressed that politics should prioritise the people and the community and society as a whole and move towards development while maintaining peace and security for all. Opposition parties in Sikkim were however indulging in unethical and self-centred politics and trying to foment uncertainty and violence, he said.

Sikkim Democratic Front celebrated its foundation day at the constituency level across the State today with the party president’s address shared live across all venues. An SDF press communiqué informs that 75,000 people were part of the state-wide celebrations today.

The central function at Namchi was relayed across all the 31 constituencies through LED set-ups and more than 1.5 lakh people are reported to tuned into the celebrations via social media.

The build-up was provided by SDF’s #MyFirstVote4Chamling campaign through which the youth could pledge their vote for Pawan Chamling, connect directly with the CM and share their ideas for Sikkim’s future through the official website.

The CM stated that agent provocateurs in the State were trying to import the politics of bandhs and disruptions from the neighboring State and pointed out how such a scenario would prove detrimental to the development and progress registered by Sikkim in the past 25 years.

He added that Opposition parties, in order to distract people from the benefits of peace and progress, were trying to sow insularity and suspicions. If such plans were allowed to take root, the society itself would get divided in Sikkim, he rued.

Also today, the official slogan for SDF’s campaign was released. “Hija dekhi aaja samma, aaja dekhi bholi samma, agi badau Chamling sangha,” the party’s appeal for Election 2019 calls on people to march on forward with Mr Chamling.

The CM lashed out strongly against the Opposition parties and reiterated is allegations against them of being directionless, selfish and lacking of vision for the State and its people.

He stressed that the SDF Government has consistently been fair to all communities and resolutely supported the rights, privileges and need for security of every section of the society whereas the Opposition was nefariously obstructing these efforts.

He reminded the party supporters that, “We founded SDF to re-establish democracy in Sikkim. We wanted to give constitutional rights, human rights to all. Protect Sikkimese language, culture, tradition and give recognition to all communities.” He also renewed the party’s commitment to protecting these rights in the times to come. “We will protect Nepali and Residential Certificate holder businessmen and women in Sikkim. We will not let anyone encroach on the rights of Sikkimese people.”

Coming to the youth, Mr Chamling announced that the next SDF government will be youth-centric where all frontline programmes of the government will be from and for the youth. The youth of Sikkim, he said, will be invited to partner all government policies and programmes.

He urged the youth of the state to change their mindsets and step forward to power the next phase of development in Sikkim. He also urged the youth not get drawn into the divisive and bitter politics of the Opposition and instead retain their optimism and take Sikkim to still higher levels.

He stressed that the unity enjoyed in Sikkim needs to nurtured carefully especially in the present times when efforts are afoot to break it.

Mr Chamling also announced today that the election will see the party field a progressive mix of youth, women and senior candidates.

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