Service extension of adhoc teachers forces new policy guidelines at HRDD

No more PRT appointments; Other requirements strictly on merit and as per NCTE norms

Gangtok, 06 Mar:

The State Government’s decision to renew the extension of existing adhoc teachers by two years has forced some policy directions on the staffing of government schools in the State.

In a circular issued today, the Human Resource Development Department has directed that no new adhoc appointment of PRTs be done in any of the schools since there was adequate availability of regular PRTs, PRT [Language] and Samagra Shiksha teachers.

As for Graduate Teachers for Science and Maths who appear to always be in short supply, the Circular directs that these may be appointed immediately based on requirement against vacancy.

As for requirement of additional Graduate Teachers [Arts], this is to be worked out immediately after joining of existing GT[A]s is compiled and taking into consideration upgraded schools. The Circular directs that these appointments be kept at the minimum and appointment orders be given strictly on merit duly observing NCTE norms.

PETs are to be provided in all Senior Secondary Schools in consultation with the administration section of HRDD and PGT requirement to be “carefully worked out” taking into consideration existing PGTs and requirement of upgraded schools. Even these appointments, the Circular directs, should be made strictly on merit and as per NCTE norms.

The Joint and Additional Directors in the districts have further been directed to “keep in mind” that engagement of fresh adhoc teachers is to be redced to the minimum and that each teacher necessarily take a minimum of 24 periods per week.

PRT and GT teachers proceeding on maternity leave should be managed from within the existing pool of PRTs and GTs, however, in the case of PGTs, fresh appointments may be considered only for a period of six months or the duration of the maternity leave whichever is earlier.

The Circular directs that the districts “necessarily” provide a consolidated picture of all adhoc teachers to the Headquarter for record and details of all new appointments be sent to the Administration Section, HRDD, for information.