Solve problem, don’t play politics, says Save Sikkimese Soul to political parties

GANGTOK, 07 Mar:

Save Sikkimese Soul [SSS] has lashed out against both ruling and opposition parties of Sikkim for indulging in vote bank politics instead of resolving issues of casual workers of private companies. The organisation has further alleged that lackadaisical attitude of both ruling and opposition parties in Sikkim has led to the exploitation of Sikkimese people by private companies.

Addressing a press conference here today, SSS coordinator,Passang Sherpa has alleged that instead of providing permanent solution to end the growing apprehension, the political parties are only engaged in vote bank politics and trying to misguide the people of Sikkim without understanding root cause of the problem. He stated that if any controversy arises within a company then it should be dealt as per the laws related to companies.

He was referring to the ongoing protest of Alembic Pharmaceuticals Limited casual workers. He added that it has created lots of confusion and apprehension among the people of Sikkim.

To end the current problem it is important to first understand what and which company law is applicable in Sikkim, said Mr Sherpa. He added that unfortunately the State does not have any company law in Sikkim.

“SDF government in Sikkim has not implemented the Registration of Companies Act, 1961 since 2013 and Companies Act 2013 is yet to be applied to the state of Sikkim,” he informed.

Mr Sherpa alleged that political parties that remained silent all these years are now suddenly acting as saviours of casual workers but such attitude of political parties in Sikkim has further escalated the problem.

“The state government undertaking such as Gangtok Smart City Development Limited and Namchi Smart City Development Limited are both registered from Darjeeling which is a classic example of the lack of any company law in Sikkim,” he stated.

On the same, he suggested that if all the political parties are sincere towards achieving a permanent solution to this problem then they should develop common consensus regarding the application of law relating to companies in Sikkim.

Mr Sherpa mentioned that the proposed law to ensure permanent employment for Sikkimese people in private companies adopted by State Assembly has been rejected by the President of India in 2015.

“Though the legislative body of ruling SDF decided to amend Rule 4/4 to protect local employment in private sector in the month of May 2018, it is yet to be tabled in the state Assembly,” he said.

While lambasting the opposition MLAs, he mentioned that as far as opposition parties are concerned they choose to boycott the Assembly sessions rather than speak out on such crucial issues. Such lackadaisical attitude of both ruling and opposition parties in Sikkim is the root cause of exploitation of Sikkimese people by companies, he stated.

Responding to media queries, Mr Sherpa mentioned that the Registration of Companies Act, 1961 is in the interest of local workers and only this old law of Sikkim can safeguard the interest of local workers.