41 of 141 polling stations marked ‘critical polling booths’ in West

March 12, 2019


In a press conference called by the DC-cum-DEO,Karma R Bonpo along with SP West, Tenzing Loden Lepcha mentioned that since the General Elections has been declared by the Election Commission of India the Model Code of Conduct has come into play since the declaration made on 10 Mar, 2019.

The DEO mentioned to the press that in the West District there are 141 Polling Stations out of which 41 Polling stations have been identified as ‘Critical Polling Booths’, 6 Women Specific Polling Booths have been identified which would be manned exclusively by Women Personnel.

He informed that a total of 160 Polling teams, 19 Sector Magistrates, 16 Flying Squads, 16 Static Surveillance Teams, 8 Video Surveillance Teams and 8 Video Viewing Teams have been formed to conduct peaceful elections. He also informed that Control Room would start to function as soon as possible from 11 Mar, 2019.

He mentioned that Nominations and Scrutiny process would be conducted at the Office of the District Collector, DAC. Only 3 vehicles are allowed to be brought by the candidate and would not be allowed to park outside the DAC Gate. A total of 4 persons including the Candidate are to accompany to the Office of the District Election Officer-cum-DC.

He also informed that Identity cards would be given to all the candidates, Polling Agents and Officers attached to the Election Process for restricted entry to the Election Office Premises. He further informed that the EVM Strong room would be made at the Kyongsa Girls Senior Secondary School and randomization of the EVMs would be done on 15 Mar, 2019 (Tentatively).

The Dispatch of the EVM to the Polling Parties would be done by 10 April, 2019. The EVM Strong Room would be under strict surveillance and manned by 1 Platoon of CAPF for optimum security. 

The phone numbers of the District Control Room are: 03595-250639; 03595250888. The Official phone number of the District Election Officer is: 9733365905.


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