HSP to announce first list of candidates in a week

Gangtok, 12 Mar:

Hamro Sikkim Party(HSP) will be contesting all 32 constituencies and one LokSabha as per the party spokesperson, BirajAdhikari. The first list of candidates will be announced within a week.

In a function held today, the party welcomed three new members, Research Scholar, NirajAdhikari [TuminLingee], Indra Kumar Suji[Central Pendam] and Pahalman Kami[Soreng].

PresidentDrBinaBasnetand vice president BhaichungBhutia, welcomed them into the party at the HSP Headquarter.

"We want to break the vicious circle of money power in Sikkim," stated party president, DrBasnet.She also stated that politicians only use people but HSP wants to build a new Sikkim with a fresh blueprint.

New member NirajAdhikarisaid that HSP is the only party which offers criticism with a solution. Criticizing both SDF and SKM, he stated that HSP is the only party that can "remove the rust" from the system.

Another new entrant,Indra Kumar said that he found the party approachable with direct access to the party president and vice president.

Pahalman Kami, after joining HSP criticized former leader of the party, RB Subba and stated that the party could not have been successful with such leaders.

Vice president, Mr Bhutiastated that the party has been taking opinions from different sections of Sikkim to take forward the policies of the state.