SILTAC blames SIBLAC for obstructing LT Assembly seat reservation

GANGTOK, 12 Mar:

Sikkim LimbooTamang Apex Committee [SILTAC] has again alleged that Sikkim Bhutia Lepcha Apex Committee [SIBLAC] has caused obstructions in the provision of Limboo-TamangAssembly seat reservation. The organisation has stated that the memorandum submitted by SIBLAC convener and Sikkim KrantikariMorcha MLAs to the Union Home Minister has obstructed the seat reservation process.

Addressing a press conference here today, SILTAC chairperson, CB Subbacontended that the date [26 Sept 2016] of the meeting of SIBLAC convener and Sikkim KrantikariMorchaMLAs with the Union Home Minister was a printing mistake and it was held on 28 Aug 2018. He also thanked SIBLAC convener for correcting the date.

The memorandum submitted in this meeting has obstructed LT Assembly seat reservation and SIBLAC’s claims of not being involved are all baseless, said Mr Subba.

Increasing the State Assembly strength to 40 to reserve five seats for Limboo and Tamang is a justified and constitutional proposal while providing reservation from the existing 32 seats as proposed by other political parties and organizations is totally unconstitutional, he argued.

On the LT issue, SIBLAC has demanded proportionate increase in numberof Bhutia-Lepcha seats in case of the expansion of the State Assembly and this is confusing the Centre, said Mr Subba.

Mr Subbawelcomed the SDF government’s proposal of providing five seats to LT by expanding the State Assembly to 40 seats. He added that this formula is scientific and fair for all communities of Sikkim. He also thanked the SDF president,PawanChamling for his announcement of providing five candidates from LT in this election.

SILTAC advisor, KalawatiSubba said that LT seat reservation would have come to fruition if SIBLAC had not caused obstructions. Sikkim does not have to wait for delimitation since seats can be reserved by Presidential Ordinance, she added.