SLTTJAC to launch anti-SDF campaign “Should have been 5 L-T constituencies, not 5 SDF candidates”

Gangtok, 14 Mar:

Sikkim Limboo-Tamang Tribal Joint Action Committee [SLTTJAC] has decided to reach out to all Limboos and Tamangs in the State lobbying them not to cast their votes for Sikkim Democratic Front since it has failed to resolve the Limboo-Tamang Assembly seat reservation issue. SLTTJAC has said that Limboos and Tamangs of Sikkim should not vote for a party that has failed to work in order to protect the rights of Limboo-Tamang communities.

Addressing a press conference here today, SLTTJAC spokesperson, Adeep Tamang expressed that SLTTJAC does not have any faith in the State government now on this issue.

“JAC will reach out to all Limboo and Tamang members across the State with anti-SDF campaigning for failing to resolve Limboo-Tamang seat reservation issue,” he said.

On the same, SLTTJAC president, SB Subba informed that JAC will go to the people to tell them of the SDF government’s failure on the Assembly seat reservation issue. He also urged all political parties to first understand the Limboo-Tamang seat reservation issue properly before using it as a weapon for their political benefits.

Responding to queries on SDF’s announcement to give tickets to five candidates from LT communities, Mr Tamang mentioned that just to announce five candidates is not enough as there is no guarantee of their victory. On the same, he asserted that instead of making such an announcement the ruling party can call an all-party meeting to fix five constituencies for Limboos and Tamangs to ensure five LT representatives in the State.

Limboos and Tamangs of Sikkim are not only deprived of their seats but of their rights as well despite being tribals. He also urged the Chief Minister not to give any more false assurances and information to the people.

The SLTTJAC president also condemned allegations of Sikkim Limboo-Tamang Apex Committee against SIBLAC and the Centre on the seat reservation issue. He stated that no mistake was made by the Centre or SIBLAC on the seat reservation issue but it is the State government and its LT legislators who are responsible for not working according to the law on this issue.

He added that the Centre listens to the government and legislators rather than an organisation. He also lashed out against LT legislators of SDF for not speaking out on the issue.