HSP releases second list of candidates and first segment of manifesto

Gangtok, 17 Mar:

Hamro Sikkim Party today released its second list of candidates for the upcoming assembly elections.

Featuring in this list are BB Dungmali who has received the party ticket for Poklok-Kamrang where he will be going up against SDF president, Chief Minister Pawan Chamling.

Closer to Gangtok, Nima Lepcha of Ray-Mindu has been picked to contest from Martam Rumtek constituency, Palman Kami for Salghari-Zoom and Neeraj Adhikari from Khamdong-Singtam.

While announcing these names at a press conference today, the party also released its “mini-manifesto” covering its programme for development.

HSP spokesperson, Biraj Adhikari, informed that that the four candidates were all active in public life and service of people. While Mr Dungmali is a pastor, Nima Lepcha and Palman Kami are respected social workers, and Neeraj Adhikari a research scholar.

Speaking to media persons, Mr Dungmali stated that HSP was growing in popularity among the people who are attracted to the party due to the clean image of party president Dr Bina Basnett, Bhaichung Bhutia and other leaders of the party.

“We have been on a door-to-door campaign for the past three months and people’s response has been very encouraging,” he said.

Similarly, Mr Lepcha, who is also the founder of Nepali Bhutia Lepcha Sadhbhawna Sangathan, stressed the need for the protection of all communities of Sikkim to save Sikkim. He lashed out against the ruling party for not working earnestly for the protection of the people at the ground level.

He stated that the youthful HSP leadership will work to lead the Sikkimese youths on the right and productive path.

Palman Kami and Neeraj Adhikari also assured to give their best to the party and speak for the people.

HSP working president, Bhaichung Bhutia, mentioned that the party was releasing its election manifesto in stages covering different categories.

He stated that HSP has detailed programmes and policies to make a ‘Happy Sikkim’ in the next five years.

“We have programmes for youths to make them self-reliant and to make them free from politics of flags and slogans. We want to held Sikkimese youths live with full prestige and dignity,” he said.

Mr Bhutia insisted that only HSP can make Sikkim “new, clean and happy.”

He also added that HSP wants to free Sikkim from the politics of the party flags and was hence not asking supporters to put up HSP flags on their houses.

“We are not putting or party flags on any house in the State and as our support base grows, we will remove all SDF and SKM flags from Sikkim before 11 April when Sikkim goes to polls,” he said.