Indiscipline within party will not be tolerated: Chamling

Namchi, 19 Mar:

SDF president, Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, announced today that the second and final list of SDF candidates will be declared on 22 March. He also categorically stated that indiscipline within the party will not be tolerated and those trying to exert pressure for tickets will not be given tickets and disciplinary action initiated against them.

Addressing a press meet today at his residence in Ghurpisey near Namchi today, the SDF president said that such persons are only focused on their personal agendas and are not thinking about the people.

“Those who are with the people will definitely work with me,” he said.

He also rubbished Sikkim Krantikari Morcha president, PS Tamang’s [Golay] announcement of seizing property of the corrupt and depositing Rs 5 lakh in every person’s bank account after his party comes to power.

He said that seizing and auctioning assets is a long drawn-out affair.

“Firstly, you have to file a case, take it to the trial court and then to the higher courts. It will take years and years. So to make such statements is nothing but an eyewash. They have no original programmes as such for Sikkim,” said Mr Chamling.

He pointed out that Mr Tamang is himself convicted in a corruption case and such a statement coming from him was laughable.

“A convicted person is saying this? He has received the certificate of corruption from the courts. If you see the track record of 25 years of SDF government, you will find that not a single PIL of corruption has been admitted in the courts against us. This proves that SDF government is not corrupt,” said Mr Chamling.

On being asked if he thought the opposition would present a strong challenge this time, Mr Chamling said, “There is no challenge as such but elections are taking place. I always take elections seriously, never underestimating the opposition parties or overestimating myself.”

On allegations of the election campaign starting with his riding a Savari taxi being a political gimmick, he said that he chose to do so because taxis are how the common people commute.

“I wanted to show my respect to the common people and started my campaign on a Savari taxi with the main objective to form a government by, for and of the lay people. I felt close to the people and emotional when I took the ride. It was a new experiment. The message I wanted to give was that SDF is a party of the common people of Sikkim,” said Mr Chamling.

He added that alliances of opposition parties do not make a difference to SDF. It shows how strong the SDF party is.

Responding to media queries on what the position was on the Karmapa to Sikkim effort, he informed that since the Karmapa was now abroad, and because the travel restrictions on him had been lifted, should SDF return to office, efforts will continue to bring him to Sikkim.

He mentioned that a senior delegation will be put together to call on the Karmapa and try and convince him to visit and bless Sikkim. This point, he added, has also been included in the party manifesto which will be released soon.