DT Lepcha confident of winning from Gnathang-Machong and Rumtek-Martam constituencies

Gangtok, 24 Mar:

Senior SDF leader DT Lepcha who has been awarded the party ticket to contest from two constituencies - Gnathang-Machong and Rumtek-Martam – is keeping a hectic campaign schedule but insists that although he is keeping busy, he is enjoying the experience.

Interestingly, Mr Lecpha is the sitting MLA from Gnathang-Machong and has represented Martam-Rumtek in the past as well.

Speaking to SummitTimes, Mr Lepcha said that the additional charge of Rumtek-Martam was not difficult for him since he enjoys a good rapport there having served as an MLA from the area for 15 years in the past.

“Due to my work done in the past, 99% of the people of Martam-Rumtek have accepted my candidature. My victory is a certainty there. No doubts about that. I will fulfill the responsibility given by the party and party president for Martam-Rumtek constituency also,” he said.

Mr Lepcha, 61, shared that he has an emotional attachment with the people of Martam-Rumtek constituency.

He added that in 2004, he had defeated the opposition candidate from Rumtek-Martam constituency by a huge margin.

“The same candidate has come again from the constituency this time and I welcome him to this contest of democracy. The people of Rumtek-Martam have made up their mind to make the SDF party victorious,” he said.

Mr Lepcha wants to promote homestay tourism in Rumtek-Martam, pointing out that this option has worked very well in Gnathang-Machong.

There are around 13,000 voters in Gnathang-Machong and around 15,000 voters in Rumtek-Martam.