East RO receives 74 nomination papers on final day

Gangtok, 24 Mar [IPR]: The office of the Returning Officer, East Sikkim, which, apart from receiving nomination papers for the assembly constituencies in the district, is also where the Lok Sabha elections and Sangha seat nomination papers are filed, kept the busiest day of all ROs today. The district already has the highest number of assembly constituencies at 12.

Today, 74 candidates trooped to the district administrative centre to file their nominations in a process which stretched late into the night.

The District Election Officer, East, Kapil Meena, informs that a total of 63 nomination papers for the 12 Assembly and one Sangha constituency were received today.

The Lok Sabha election received 11 nomination papers.

The oath of affirmation was administered by the RO as per the norms and the names of the candidates who filed their nominations today are as follows:


1. G.M Gurung (Junior) of SDF

2. Dr. Mani Kumar Sharma of SKM

3. Gopal Khatiwara of SNPP

4. Neeraj Adhikari of HSP

5. Tula Ram Guragai of INC

6. Sher Bahadur Karki of BJP


1. Sonam Darjee of SRP

2. Bikash Darjee of SNPP

3. Lall Bahadur Das of SKM

4. Gopal Baraily of SDF

5. Indra Kumar Suji of HSP

6. Birendra Pourali of BJP

7. Santosh Bardewa, (Independent Candidate)

8. Binod Darjee of INC


1. Bishnu Kumar Khatiwara of SKM

2. Biraj Adhikari of HSP

3. Hemendra Adhikari of SDF

4. Bharat Kumar Sharma of BJP

5. Ramesh Sharma of SUF (Sikkim United Front)

6. Deo Kumar Pradhan of INC

7. Chakra Pani Sharma of SRP


1. Rudra Khatiwara of HSP

2. Damber Kumar Pradhan of SKM

3. Gopal Chhetri of INC

4. Krishna Bahadur Rai of SDF

5. Mohan Gurung of BJP

6. Anil Kumar Rai of SRP

7. Mr. Rudra Narsing Sakya (Independent Candidate)


1. Tshering Bhutia of SKM

2. Sangay Chopel Bhutia of HSP

3. Dorjee Ongden Bhutia of INC


1. Denis Rai of SKM

2. Anush Rai of HSP

3. Phip Rahang Subba of SRM

4. Kharka Bahadur Rai of SRP

5. Devi Basnett of BJP


1. Karma Ongdi Bhutia of SDF

2. Kunga Nima Lepcha of SKM

3. Chewang Dorjee Bhutia of INC

Martam-Rumtek Constituency;

1. DT Lepcha of SDF

2. Sonam Tshering Bhutia of INC

3. Sonam Tshering Venchungpa of SKM

4. Gyalsten Bhutia, (Independent Candidate)

5. Jigdel Chewang Bhutia of BJP


1. Anand Lama of SKM

2. Punam Bhandari of SRP

3. Anita Gurung of INC


1. Ashis Rai (Independent candidate)

2. Sumitra Rai of INC

3. Arun Kumar Upreti of SKM

4. Shyam Pradhan of SDF

5. DB Chettri of BJP


1. Kunga Nima Lepcha of SKM

2. Snumit Targain (Lepcha) of INC

3. Phurba Sherpa (Independent candidate)

4. Yang Tshering Lepcha of BJP

Upper Burtuk:

1. DR Thapa of SDF

2. NB Gurung of SKM

3. DB Tamang of SRP

4. Aita Tamang of INC

Sangha Constituency;

1. Sonam Lama of SKM

2. Karma Tashi Bhutia of INC

3. Tshering Lama of SDF

Sikkim Parliamentary Constituency;

1. Dhiraj Rai of SRP

2. DB Katwal of SDF

3. Mahendra Thapa (Independent Candidate)

4. Biraj Adhikari of HSP

5. Bharat Basnett of INC

6. Passang Sherpa (Independent Candidate)

7. Sun Maya Gurung, (Independent Candidate)

8. Robin Rai of All Indians Party

9. Laten Sherpa of BJP

10. Indra Hang Subba of SKM

11. Narendra Adhikari of SUF (Sikkim United Front)

Scrutiny of nominations is scheduled for 26 March from 11am till 3pm and last date for withdrawal of candidatures is 28 March 2019.