Gyaltsen condemns allegations by overlooked ticket aspirant

Gangtok, 25 Mar:

Sikkim Democratic Front party spokesperson, KT Gyaltsen, who is also a former MLA, today dismissed allegations leveled against him of having conspired to deny a ticket aspirant a candidature.

SDF ticket hopeful from Shyari, Tenzing Lamtha, it may be recalled had accused Mr Gyaltsen of being the reason he did not receive ticket promised to him.

Without taking any name, Mr Gyaltsen today countered that some individuals and their supporters have made baseless, derogatory and defamatory allegations against him without any substantial evidence and demanded an unconditional apology.

Likewise, SDF spokesperson, Bhim Dahal, also criticised those who he said were trying to defame a senior politician through communal misinformation and rumours.