GM Gurung picks up campaign pace at Khamdong-Singtam

Gangtok, 28 Mar:

Sikkim Democratic Front party candidate from Khamdong-Singtam assembly constituency, GM Gurung, received a warm welcome during his car rally touring the constituency today.

Mr Gurung was accompanied by leaders, workers and supporters of SDF party. The rally started on foot from near the Government Fruit Preservation Factory and walked up to Singtam Bazaar. This was followed by a car rally covering different parts of the constituency.

Along the route, people of the constituency gave a warm welcome to SDF candidate.

Speaking to media persons at Singtam, Mr Gurung stated that active politics demanded many personal sacrifice and required constant service of the society. He said he saw politics as a medium to serve the people and not as a profession.

As for his poll prospects, he said, “There is no challenge for us as SDF is a party with a strong grassroots connect which cannot be shaken by occasional politicians.”

On media queries about some SDF leaders leaving the party after not getting tickets, he remarked that while every politician aspires to become the people’s representative, it was not possible for the party to accommodate every aspiration and that there was some deft balancing required in the ticket distribution process.

He accepted that some deserving aspirants do get overlooked, but stressed that at the end of the day all of this was in the service of the people and that some patience is required.

As for his plans for the constituency, he said he hopes to build a healthy and empowered society by working on health, education and other sectors.

“We will work hard to provide the professions of the 21st century to youth of the constituency and will empower them by providing training in different sectors in tourism, organic farming, horticulture, small scale industries and other sectors to lead the youths on the new direction,” he said.

Mr Gurung, who is also the state in-charge of the drivers’ front of SDF, stated that it was the happiest moment and great respect for the transport fraternity of the State that the SDF president gave an opportunity to a member of their fraternity to become a people’s representative.