March 30, 2019

Youth are a priority, says Chamling as he releases party manifesto


Chakhung, 29 Mar:

Sikkim Democratic Front president, Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, launched his party’s election campaign from Chakhung here in West Sikkim today with the release of the party’s election manifesto. The significance of the venue cannot be ignored given that SDF officially started its Election 2019 campaign from the hometown of the SKM president, PS Tamang [Golay].

Addressing the gathering, Mr Chamling, kicking off the campaign pegged as “Vijay Sankalp Rally,” highlighted the various promises and programs included in the 88-page SDF manifesto.

Mr Chamling focused extensively on the youth, stressing, “Our policy has always been youth first. They are the priority.”

Announcing that the One Family, One Job initiative will be taken to the next level with 'One Person, One Profession' scheme in the next term, Mr Chamling shared that the next government will work towards helping every eligible individual with a profession.

He also announced the establishment of a Youth Forum which will work towards making youth partners in policy-making of his next government.


The focus on the youth continued with Mr Chamling hinting that this could be the last election he contests. He has alluded to it in the past as well and explained that he was convinced to contest this election with the sole purpose of “saving” Sikkim and sustaining the peace and development here.

“Over the next five years, a good leader may come up as an alternative and this could be the last time I am contesting elections. For now, I am contesting elections to save Sikkim and to pass the State on to the safest hands,” he said.

Mr Chamling also pointed out that this time SDF has fielded 17 new and young faces in a natural progression of its commitment to groom the youth for bigger challenges and support their growth into bigger and more responsible leaders.

Addressing the gathering, Mr Chamling slammed the opposition for misleading the people of Sikkim with false promises and announcements in their manifesto.

He urged leaders of the opposition to provide facts and plans to back their announcements.

SDF never makes fake promises or indulges in negative politics, he added.

The sixth SDF Government will fulfill all the announcements and promises that are included in the manifesto and this time the government will be formed to work as per the people’s agenda, said Mr Chamling.

He urged people of Sikkim not to support political leaders who are not only misleading people but also engaging in communal and caste politics.

Sikkim has seen an overall development of 5154 percent as per Government of India records and this was possible because of the effort of every Sikkimese, he said, while calling on them to continue with their support.

Mr Chamling also highlighted the various achievements and developments achieved by the SDF government and urged people to believe only what they see and not get carried away with what they hear.

He also urged everyone to become more responsible and wiser and save Sikkim and vote for the Umbrella.

Election is not as much a challenge for political parties as it is challenge for the people to make the right choice, he remarked.

Speaking on the LT seat he slammed SIBLAC and said that this organization was majorly responsible for holding up the LT seats.

The function was also addressed by SDF’s MP candidate, DB Katuwal, and others.

Also on the day, around 1,000 people aligned with various parties  joined the SDF.

The campaign was attended by all eight SDF candidates from West district, party leaders and supporters.

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