“SDF manifesto lays out plan to make youth more confident and fulfilled”

Gangtok, 30 Mar: Sikkim Democratic Front party spokesperson, PD Rai, today shared details of the party manifesto released yesterday by the party president, Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, as strongly youth-centric in setting the agenda for the next term of SDF in office.

Mr Rai highlighted that the programmes and policies announced for the next five years would set the youth up for a more confident and fulfilling future. The manifesto, he said, has paid special attention to not only the practical requirements of the youth but also includes clear commitments to support their more creative pursuits and aspirations.

The manifesto, he detailed, commits the party to begin creative activities in schools and colleges, provide a major to sports and launch an annual talent-hunt to identify sporting talent for proper nurturing, establishment of a girls’ football academy, sports insurance schemes etc.

The manifesto also promises programmes and policies in the field of drama, culture and other creative arts, the establishing of a film city to train youth, launch of leadership and public-policy classes in colleges, Youth Health Centres where the young can talk about their issues of addiction, mental illness and other related issues.

The manifesto also promises fellowship and internships for young professionals in government departments in collaboration with private organizations and the development of a mobile app to help youth connect to opportunities across the state, nation-wide and internationally.

Also promised is a youth forum and website, training bureaus offering classes in modern scientific farming techniques and information technology and others.

On other aspects of the manifesto, Mr Rai mentioned the next government will also open its own insurance company to provide insurance cover to all drivers and their families, a training school for female drivers, a grant of Rs 2 lakh every year to registered driver associations for welfare and awareness, StartUp loans from the State Bank of Sikkim, Chalak Bhawans in every district, subsidized loans to drivers, parking plaza in all notified bazaars and a statue of Lord Biswakarma in every district.

He stated that the next government will also work to address the problem of traffic congestion and has decided to implement policies for the proper management of the traffic in the State.

Mr Rai stated that programmes and policies will also be formulated to cope with climate change, ensure effective disaster management, address geopolitical concerns, unemployment, low total fertility rate and trigger economic growth.

On Universal Basic Income, he stated that the UBI was a simple and powerful idea and that SDF will implement the UBI in the State in its next government.

The SDF general secretary [press & publicity], Kavita Subba, further pointed out that the manifesto also highlights the achievements and development witnessed by Sikkim under the SDF government and is committed to give continuity to this momentum.

She adds that the manifesto also includes 30 reasons on why one should vote for SDF, followed by a 43-point list of commitments to Sikkim and its people in different sectors and sections of the society.

Responding to media queries on the delay in fulfillment of several demands of the State by the Centre, the Lok Sabha MP, Mr Rai, stated that the SDF government has been consistently pursing these issues with the Centre and that the CM has taken these issues to the Prime Minister more than three times in numerous memorandums.

The Centre, he said, really has no valid reasons to have dragged its feet on meeting the State’s pending political demands, and added that the mechanizations of the SKM MLAs and SIBLAC had caused the delay.