2019 is about three parties, says Bhaichung

Gangtok, 01 Apr: Hamro Sikkim Party working president, Bhaichung Bhutia today said that his party’s biggest achievement has been to offer people an alternative.

“It is not like the 2014 election when there were only two parties. Now people have an alternative like HSP which is giving clean and young candidates. The election this time is about three parties. We have been able to field candidates in 23 constituencies, which is a huge achievement for us,” said Mr Bhutia.

He added that the party is here to play long-term politics and hopes to make a strong base in 2019.

“If we did not have the aim to continue in politics in Sikkim we would have gone for a coalition. Beyond 2019, we will keep strengthening our party in Sikkim,” he shared.

According to Mr Bhutia, this time there are a lot of silent voters who do not openly voice their support for a party but are looking for a change.

The ones who are coming out in support of SDF and SKM are hardcore supporters and it is the same bunch of people everywhere, he added.

He further said that the majority of 70–80% of the people are the real voters who are very conscious about the kind of people they want.

“HSP, on the other hand, believes in winning people’s hearts rather than showing manpower, muscle power and money power. We want to change politics in Sikkim by doing clean politics with clean money. It is obviously challenging but I hope people of Sikkim realize this,” said Mr Bhutia.

Mr Bhutia, who is contesting from Gangtok and Tumin-Lingee constituencies in the upcoming Assembly elections, has begun campaigning in both the constituencies.

On why he chose Gangtok, he said that Gangtok is a very important constituency because it is the Capital and people here can identify with me because of my schooling days here.

Speaking about his plans for Gangtok, Mr Bhutia said that there is a need to create better and more parking spaces in Gangtok.

“We are also hoping to form a commission to look into trade licenses. A lot of businessmen are suffering due to that. We will form a commission which will mostly have representatives of the business community to look into the matter of trade licenses, as mentioned in our election manifesto,” he informed. He also talked about creating more public spaces for children.

Regarding his other constituency, Tumin-Lingee, Mr Bhutia said that a lot of young educated youth in Tumin are not satisfied with the kind of jobs they are getting.

“I don’t think development in real sense has not happened in Tumin-Lingee in the past two decades. The area has a lot of potential to develop as an educational hub,” he added.

He also alleged that development has taken place for only a few who are close to the SDF high command but the real youth have not got opportunities.