Nothing can stop SDF from forming govt again: Chamling

Kateng [Namthang], 01 Apr: Sikkim Democratic Front party president, Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, today shared that his first visit to Kateng, where he was addressing a campaign meeting today, was on foot. Today, however, he drove up to the venue in a motorcade as did the people who attended the meeting. This was a convenience they have been enjoying for some years now and this access was but one of the signs of development that needs to be sustained and then accelerated, Mr Chamling said while calling on the people to evaluate the development that the SDF Government has brought to Sikkim in the past 25 years when they decide their votes on 11 April.

Mr Chamling was addressing the fourth SDF campaign stop in as many days. Today’s meet, held at Kateng in Namthang was organized for two constituencies - Namthang-Rateypani and Melli - of South district.

He further reminded the people that the election was as much to choose their representative as it was to decide who gets the reigns of the government.

In this regard, he called on the people to vote responsibly and also evaluate the performance of the party and its government and not just vote for individuals.

“Victory of the party is the victory of the people,” he said.

That said, the Chief Minister also announced that the SDF was returning to government for a sixth consecutive term and that no force could stop the party from sweeping all 32 seats.

Addressing the issues of the area, Mr Chamling assured that all the pending issues and demands will be taken up on priority with drinking water supply being the first project to be taken up.

Power supply network will also be upgraded to ensure uninterrupted supply, he added.

Construction of a community auditorium, a public ground, and new link road to Linki and Donak will be sanctioned within 100 days of formation of the next government, he further assured.

Mr Chamling also remarked that the constituency, which currently has no tourist spots, will receive investments in this sector to attract some of the growing number of tourists visiting the State.

He also announced that the government will build a statue of Pem Dorjee MaeMae and the world’s biggest replica of the Tamang community’s traditional musical instrument, Damphu.

Every Gram Panchayat Ward will also receive a public ground in the next government, he said.

The Chief Minister also highlighted some of the more important programmes and announcements included in the party manifesto.

Mr Chamling also tore into the Opposition, accusing it of being motivated only by their dislike for him and not the interests of the people or Sikkim’s need for an effective and engaged Opposition. The people, he hoped, had seen through the opportunism and selfish interests of those in the Opposition.

In the absence of a vision or understanding of what Sikkim required, the Opposition was focusing on fomenting paranoia and distrust, Mr Chamling contended, while adding that this was a dangerous path they were putting their supporters on.

It was desperation of the Opposition camp which was driving its leaders and supporters to intimidating the people with their aggression and frequent violence, he remarked.

The program was also addressed by SDF’s candidate for Melli, Pharwanti Tamang, Birjan Tamang [Namthang-Rateypani], Lok Sabha candidate DB Katuwal and others.