SDF accuses SKM Lok Sabha candidate of communal campaigning

Gangtok, 01 Apr: Sikkim Democratic Front has accused Sikkim Krantikari Morcha’s Lok Sabha candidate, Indra Hang Subba, of making communal appeals in his campaign addresses and of trying to mislead the people with communally-laced scare-mongering.

Addressing a press conference here today, SDF general secretary [press & publicity], Amber Rai, alleged that Mr Subba has appealing to members of certain communities not to vote SDF for its failure to reserve seats for them. The reference here is obviously to the Limboos and Tamangs with Mr Subba himself being a Limboo.

Mr Rai contended today that such blatantly communal appeals militated against all norms of secularism and democracy and pointed to a dangerously unethical approach SKM was taking to manipulate the people.

The SDF spokesperson, Bhim Dahal, also rued the desperate and immature approach of the SKM candidate for not only making such offensive appeals but also for his ignorance about how SDF institutionalized democracy in Sikkim and has consistently worked in the interest of the youth.

Other SDF leaders also maintained that SKM’s frequent allusions to the community to which their Lok Sabha candidate belonged also signaled the communal strategy of their campaign.