SKM delivered as Opposition, now try us in government: Golay

Ranipool, 02 Apr: Sikkim Krantikari Morcha party president, PS Tamang [Golay], today asserted that although SKM failed to form the government in 2014, it has worked as an effective Opposition party for the past five years and proven its credentials as an effective representative of the people. SKM has raised the demands of the people of Sikkim continuously with the State government, in the State Assembly and with the Centre, he added, while calling on the people to now vote SKM to the responsibility of running the government.

He was addressing supporters from different constituencies of East District at Ranipool Truck Stand as part of the party’s election campaign. The meeting was attended by senior leaders and workers of the party and SKM candidates from different constituencies of East Sikkim.

In his short address, Mr Tamang accused the SDF government of not working in the interest of the people of Sikkim throughout its 25 years in government.

On the same, he alleged that after having failed to work for the people or deliver development, SDF party and its president are now trying to buy the people’s mandate and seeking one more chance.

He also accused SDF government for “looting” the State for the past 25 years and suppressing the people’s voice.

Given that SKM won eight of its 10 Assembly seats from East Sikkim where the campaign stop was held today and that seven of the MLAs had defected to SDF [five of whom are contesting as SDF candidates this time], Mr Tamang also addressed this issue and called on the people to decide for themselves whether they wanted to vote for those who disrespected their mandate or teach them a lesson.

Training his barbs on the SDF, he alleged that the SDF Government has severely compromised the identity of the Sikkimese people and that if it returned to power, it would erase whatever was still left of Sikkim’s unique status and identity.

“SKM is not asking for 10 years; we seek just five years and in these five years we will take account of all public funds misappropriated by the SDF government,” Mr Tamang said.

On the occasion, he thanked the party leaders and workers for working selflessly to strengthen the party since inception.

“SKM will definitely form the government this time and this credit goes to all those leaders and workers of the party for working selflessly and making great sacrifices and contributions to the party,” he said.

Mr Tamang also alleged today that the business community was not secured in the SDF government in whose hands they have been facing harassment and injustice.

Mr Tamang also accused the SDF of indulging in communal politics and called on the people to support SKM.

Earlier, SKM Lok Sabha candidate, Indra Hang Subba, mentioned that Sikkim received democracy at the cost of the country and that the SDF has failed to protect the people or resolve 40-year-old pending political issues of the State in the Parliament.

He assured to provide justice to the people and take up all pending demands of the State effectively in the Parliament and fulfill all hopes and aspirations of the people of Sikkim.

Mr Subba mentioned that if three MLAs of SKM party worked so effectively in the interest of the people of Sikkim, then 32 in the Assembly could do much more for the people of Sikkim.

He also stressed the need for tribal status for the eleven left-out communities and assured to get this demand met.

Speaking on the delay of a campus for Sikkim Central University and NIT, he stated that students of both institutions have been facing problems because of this. He commented that the Centre gave these premier institutes to the State as it was sincere towards the people of Sikkim, but petty politics of the SDF have compromised these initiatives.

Mr Subba also lashed out against the SDF government for failing to provide proper infrastructure for sports, culture and other requirements of the youth of Sikkim for the past 25 years.

The meeting was also addressed by senior leaders of the party.