HSP releases election manifesto, offers Sikkimey Samman Yojna

April 4, 2019


Gangtok, 03 Apr: Hamro Sikkim Party (HSP) today released its election manifesto promising ‘a new model of development’ for Sikkim. The manifesto was released by HSP president, Dr Bina Basnett, working president, Bhaichung Bhutia and spokesperson, Biraj Adhikari.
In its manifesto, the HSP has promised to usher in a Revolution of Universal Rights that will give new direction to the social, economic and political life of the people of Sikkim. 
HSP has said that the manifesto covers all issues that touch the daily life of people and assures to create a Universal Right-Based system which is interwoven with the development of the State. 
Sikkimey Samman Yojna (SSY) is HSP’s version of Universal Basic Income, which it promises to provide within 25 days of coming to power. Under the scheme, Rs 18,000 per annum or Rs 1,500 per month shall be paid to every Sikkimese man, woman, child, student & youth who resides in Sikkim.

For a family of 5, this will be Rs 90,000 per annum or Rs 7,500 per month. This amount shall be progressively increased, based on cost of living index. Payments under SSY shall commence within 90 days of launch; preceded by existing database validation and creation of new database. Transfers shall be made on first day of every month through bank accounts.
“HSP sees the forthcoming Assembly election as an opportunity to retrieve and, indeed, reclaim from manipulation and subversion, the legacy of Sikkim and the economic and ecological rights of the people of Sikkim,” said Dr. Bina Basnett.
The party has assured to safeguard the protections ensured under Article 371F and support democratic aspirations of the various ethnic groups in Sikkim. Hence, HSP shall actively support all efforts for realising such aspirations for reservation of seats and protection of culture and heritage of each ethnic group in Sikkim.
The HSP also has mission Unemployed Free Sikkim and promises to regularise the existing jobs.
Within 6 months, all persons holding temporary, contract, daily wage, guest, Anganwadi, ASHA, MDM or One Family One Job Scheme jobs, will be assured of work till retirement age and equal pay or legal minimum wage. For this, HSP shall make a new law.
All qualified and unemployed will get jobs because all vacant positions shall be filled in Education, Health & other Essential Public Services.
Within 1 year, unemployment shall be eradicated from Sikkim through creation of Employment Commission that will ascertain number and type of jobs required. Recommendations of the Commission shall be implemented by the government and newly formed District-level job creation centres that employ local people to identify employment opportunities.
Under Supporting Entrepreneurship Not Just Self-Employment, adequate public sector funds shall be earmarked for loans to entrepreneurial youth and government shall be the guarantor for these loans. Entrepreneurship in the possible sectors by youth with government hand holding and similar support shall be provided.
It may be mentioned that HSP is contesting in 23 Assembly seats and one Lok Sabha seat.

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