Opposition will see new avatar of Chamling & SDF next term, says Chamling SDF ELECTION CAMPAIGN

Ravangla, 05 Apr: “The opposition has underestimated SDF but they will see a new avatar of Pawan Chamling and the SDF government in the next government,” said SDF president and Chief Minister, Pawan Chamling today. He ridiculed Sikkim Krantikari Morcha stating that the leader of the party cannot contest till 2024 and they do not have a Chief Ministerial candidate till now. Mr Chamling was addressing the 7th day of his Vijay Sankalp Rally, the SDF election campaign at Ravangla in South Sikkim. Highlighting various programmes, promises and schemes included in the election manifesto, he said that the next SDF government will construct a nine-post building for the needy and make Sikkim a Kachha Ghar Free state. The programme had the presence of party candidates for Temi-Namphing, Barfung and Yangang and the Lok Sabha candidate. Also in attendance were senior SDF leaders, former Minister, DD Bhutia, former Speaker, KN Rai along with other party leaders and a huge number of party supporters and workers. Speaking on the occasion former Minister, DD Bhutia said that more than 70% of the people of Sikkim still have faith in SDF and will vote for the party to save Sikkim from destruction. He urged people of these three constituencies not to pay heed to rumors and make SDF victorious this election. Regardless of who the candidate is, remember that the party behind them is SDF, he said. Addressing rumors on his candidature, Mr Bhutia said that he willingly decided not to contest the election this time and had requested the party president to allow him to rest this time. On the other hand, Mr Chamling said that former Minister, DD Bhutia will be given a respectable position in the government and may be appointed as Senior Advisor to the Chief Minister.