Gyalshing, 06 Apr: Sikkim Democratic Front president, Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, shared today that it pains him to notice that some MLAs and Ministers have not been able to convey the principles of the party to the people or connect with the people in the manner expected of them in return for the trust imposed in them by the party. Mr Chamling was addressing the seventh edition of the party’s election campaign meetings as part of the “Vijay Sankalpa Yatra” at Gyalshing in West Sikkim today. Despite of heavy, the campaign meeting attracted a large gathering with people staying back to hear Mr Chamling who delivered an impassioned speech. “Too many are running after personal benefits and are being very selfish. They look at the government only for what they can extract from it and do not think of what they can do for the society at large. Some are leaving the party and joining the opposition for petty reasons,” he said. In this regard, he called on the people not to hold such failures against the party or its government because corrective measures have always been taken and what could not be delivered in the last term in office will be fulfilled in the next government, he said. He highlighted that people should realize the peace, security and well-being delivered by the SDF Government and trust it to always have the best interests of the people in mind. The shortcomings of individuals do not reflect the priorities of the party or its government, Mr Chamling said, while adding that the one thing that has always been consistent, has been SDF’s commitment to the people. He announced today that everyone left-out from government benefits or schemes will be covered within 100 days of government formation. He also announced that new approach roads will be sanctioned, existing roads upgraded, a tunnel project initiated to connect all districts, a ropeway at Sangha Choling, Bazar Upgradation and Beautification, construction of underground markets and many facilities. He assured that even the minor mistakes and oversights of the Government will be rectified and action be taken within 100 day of government formation. Addressing the drivers, Mr Chamling said that drivers were like Mahagurus for the SDF government which is why he started his election campaign by travelling in a Savari Taxi. He also contended today that SKM played spoilsport and played a role in the ban on the entry of Guru Hajur. He announced today that the next government will send Minister NK Subba to invite him to the State. The programme was also addressed by Lok Sabha candidate DB Katuwal and others.